Whispbar Aerodynamic Car Roof Racks and Carriers

Whispbar Fit Guide

Whispbar Car Roof Racks were designed to answer fundamental concerns of roof top car rack customers: wind noise, fuel efficiency, and aesthetics. Whispbar's patented wing shape design is proclaimed "The Worlds Quietest Rack System". Whispbar's aluminum bars are both fuel efficient and stylish. Whispbar car racks are designed to carry sports equipment and cargo like canoes, kayaks, bikes, surfboards, SUPs stand up paddle boards, windsurfers, skis and snowboards. The Whispbar product is elegant and every bit as rugged and durable as other top-of-the-line products. This innovative crossbar design drastically reduces wind noise, drag and vibration yet is designed for the outdoor-minded among us with a more discerning taste. Whispbar Car Roof Racks are available in four different bar styles: Flush Bar, Through Bar, Rail Bar, and Heavy Duty Bar.

Whispbar Car Roof Crossbar Racks
Whispbar Car Roof Cross Bar Racks are the quietest, strongest, and most attractive roof racks available. All Whispbar Roof Racks are made with aluminum and designed in the shape of an airplane wing for superb aerodynamics. Whispbar Roof Racks are available in four different designs: Whispbar Raised Railing Mounted Roof Rack, Whispbar Smart Foot Through Bar Roof Rack, Whispbar Smart Foot Flush Bar Roof Rack, and Whispbar HD Heavy-duty Roof Rack. Whispbar Roof Racks are available to fit cars, pickup trucks, vans and SUVs. Whispbar Roof Racks are designed to fit vehicles with smooth roof lines, rain gutters, factory raised rails, factory slotted rail tracks, fixed points and more. Click on the Whispbar Fit Guide above to find the perfect fitting Whispbar Rack for your vehicle.
Whispbar Ski Racks, Snowboard Carriers, Snow Mounts for Car Roof Racks
Whispbar Ski and Snowboard Racks are designed to fit all Whispbar Roof Racks, Yakima Roof Racks, Thule Roof Racks and most factory installed roof racks. The silver Whispbar wb300 Snow Sport Carrier is a sleek, 6 pair ski rack, 4 snowboard carrier or combination of the two. Whispbar Ski Racks are designed to be low profile, quiet and rugged. If you prefer a black colored carrier that is similar in design, Yakima Ski Carriers and Snowboard Racks fit all Whispbar Racks. If you prefer to carry your skis and boards out of the elements, consider a Whispbar Roof Rack Cargo Box.
Whispbar Bike Racks, Whispbar Bicycle Carriers
Whispbar Fork Mounted Bike Racks and Whispbar Upright Bicycle Carriers are designed with the same unique, elegant styling and innovative engineering as Whispbar Aerodynamic Roof Racks. All Whispbar Bicycle Racks mount with the Patented QuickDock system for installation and removal in seconds - not minutes. The Whispbar WB200 Fork Mounted Bicycle Carrier may be the most unique fork mount bike rack on the market. The Whispbar WB201 Frame Mounted Bicycle Carrier is second to none in the upright bike rack category.
Whispbar Kayak Racks and Carriers, Whispbar Canoe Racks and Carriers
Whispbar Kayak Racks and Carriers are quiet, sturdy, convenient to use and elegant. All Whispbar Kayak Racks and Carriers include lock cores and keys to conveniently secure the carriers to your roof rack. Whispbar's WB400 J-Cradle Kayak Carriers have a built-in, slide-out load assist and are the most unique kayak carriers available. Whispbar WB401 Saddle Roller Kayak Carriers have built in rollers to make loading your kayak from the rear much easier than normal saddles.
Whispbar Roof Top Aero Cargo Boxes
Whispbar Roof Top Aero Cargo Boxes and Luggage Carriers are available in 2 sizes and 2 colors. The Whispbar Aero Compact Carriers have a 10 cubic foot capacity while the Whispbar Aero Mid-size Carriers have a 13 cubic foot capacity. Both sizes are available in either black or silver. Since introducing Whispbar Roof Racks to the USA Market in late 2011, Whispbar has been introducing new Whispbar Rack Products that are unique and elegant. These cargo boxes are no exception.
Whispbar Surfboard Racks, Windsurfer Carriers and SUP Rack Accessories
Although Whispbar Surfboard, Windsurfer and SUP Stand-up Paddleboard Rack Attachments are not yet available in the USA, all Yakima Surfboard, Windsurfer and SUP Stand-up Paddleboard Rack Attachments, carriers and accessories designated to fit factory crossbars will fit Whispbar Racks perfectly. All Yakima Surfboard, Windsurfer and SUP Stand-up Paddleboard Racks and accessories are in stock at RackWarehouse.com.
Whispbar Heavy-duty Racks, Whispbar Ladder Racks, Whispbar Work Racks
Whispbar HD Heavy-duty Racks are the quietest roof-top work racks available and are stocked at The Rack Warehouse. Whispbar by Yakima has designed the Whispbar HD heavy duty roof rack with the user in mind. Loaded with features, these bars are a treat to use. Features like the rubber inlay technology helps keep your Whispbar HD Rack quiet while keeping the t-slot completely exposed for constant use. Whispbar HD Racks are easy to transfer between vehicles. Thanks to Smartfoot technology, you'll only need a new kit, not a completely new rack. With the exception of the fit kit, Whispbar Racks are completely assembled out of the box. Click on the Whispbar Fit Guide above to find the perfect fitting Whispbar Heavy-duty Rack for your vehicle.
New Whispbar Racks and Carriers
New Whispbar Car Racks, Carriers, Cargo Boxes and Accessories are in stock and on sale now at RackWarehouse.com. This list contains all new Whispbar Racks and Carriers that have been recently introduced to the rack market. All Whispbar Products are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you can't find the Whispbar Product that you're looking for please visit our Entire List of Whispbar Products.
Whispbar Complete Roof Racks listed by Car Maker
The Rack Warehouse discounts the most popular selling Whispbar brand roof rack fits sorted alphabetically by auto manufacturer, model and year. You'll find perfect fitting Whispbar car roof racks for most of today's top selling vehicles on these lists. All Whispbar Rail Bar Roof Racks, Whispbar Flush Bar Roof Racks, Whispbar Through Bar Roof Racks and Whispbar HD Heavy Duty Roof Racks are in stock and available for immediate shipping from RackWarehouse.com. All Whispbar Roof Rack Products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Whispbar Car Racks and Carriers Entire Product List
The Rack Warehouse stocks all Whispbar Racks, Accessories and Fitting Kits. Whispbar Racks are sleek, quiet, strong, and able to carry skis, snowboards, kayaks, canoes, surfboards, stand up paddle boards, cargo boxes, and much more. Since being purchased by Yakima and introduced to the US market in late 2011, Whispbar Racks have taken the country by storm. New Whispbar Products and Fitting Kits are being introduced every month. This Whispbar Product list represents all of the Whispbar products currently available. All Whispbar Products are in stock and ready for immediate shipping.
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