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Roll-N-Lock A-Series XT Elevate Truck Rack
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Roll-N-Lock offers a diverse range of tonneau covers, each crafted with distinct styles and features. Among our selection, you will find the M-Series XT, featuring a vinyl-over-aluminum design, the A-Series XT with dual layers of powder-coated aluminum slats, and a powered iteration known as the E-Series XT.

What sets Roll-N-Lock apart is its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional impact resistance and theft deterrence, ensuring the utmost security for your cargo, protecting it from both potential thieves and physical harm.

Beyond its robust security features and stylish aesthetics, Roll-N-Lock introduces innovative solutions for accessory mounting, such as the Yakima's Overhaul Truck Rack System and the TruXedo Elevate Truck Rack. These enhancements offer versatility, bolstering your truck's cargo capacity and practicality.

In essence, Roll-N-Lock doesn't just deliver on durability but also caters to a spectrum of needs, be it for work or leisure, all while maintaining a polished and sleek appearance for your truck bed cover.

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