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Following the placement of an order, you will receive an Order Confirmation via email. If you do not receive an Order Confirmation email after placing an order, please contact us at or by calling 800-272-5362. We do our very best to maintain accurate inventory on our website, but there may be times that we are unable to complete your order.  In the event that an item is backordered, you will be called and emailed by our team prior to us proceeding with and processing your order. Additionally, we may have fitment questions about your order that we will need to speak with you about. If we do not receive verification within 7 business days, your order will be canceled. Rack Warehouse is powered by Shopify and thus does not keep payment information on file. As a company, we have 7 days to capture the payment of an order. When placing an order through you are approving a verified hold on your payment account.  If we have questions about your order and are unable to reach you within 7 business days, your authorized payment hold will be voided and your order will be canceled.  A customer may cancel their order without penalty any time prior to shipping or picking up product. We are unable to cancel orders that have been shipped and are in transit status.