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Increased Stability and Level Sleeping Surface with Yakima's EasyRider Tent Kit

Yakima’s tent leveling and stabilization kit is essential when camping with your EasyRider Trailer on uneven terrain. This kit will assist in leveling out the trailer to ensure an even and level sleeping position for optimal comfort. For assembly of the kit components prior to kit setup on the trailer please refer to Yakima’s instructions. Let's begin setting up the kit!

Step 1: Place and Secure the Wheel Chocks

Thread a strap through the two wheel chocks after placing a chock on either side of the wheel. Thread the strap through the buckle and pull to tighten, Repeat for the other wheel.

Step 2: Ready the Jack Stands

Press the release lever to release the jack stands, then extend them to adjust their height to get the trailer as level as you can. If additional leverage is needed, use the included metal rod by sticking it all the way through the front and back holes on the stand and using it to ratchet the stand up into place.
With this kit installed, Yakima has rated the Static weight load of the EasyRider trailer at 1100 lbs total. This is plenty of capacity for the tent, occupants, and plenty of other gear loaded up on your trailer!

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