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Making the most out of a Rooftop Awning Setup

To get the most out of a Rooftop Awning setup on your vehicle, it’s important to take into consideration first what you would like to do under your awning and how much space you may need for those activities. A couple camping chairs to sit and escape some rain doesn’t require a very large awning to shield you appropriately from the weather. If you want to have a full on campfire and grill situation going on you may want to spring for a larger size. It’s primarily about sizing up your tasks appropriately with the size awning to get the job done. Luckily awnings are sold in many shapes and sizes, meaning there’s almost always a size that will suit your floor plan well. 
The way you set up your Rooftop Awning can also make a huge difference on its usability and overall performance. Mounting the awning as close to the edge of the side of the vehicle you would like to cover will not only allow you easier access to unfold the awning, but it will gain you the most use of the awnings size. Side mounting the awning beneath a rooftop tent is a popular method our customers often use for their awnings. This does require having a rack system with a t-slot track on the side of it, but is a great way to keep everything together when camping out of your vehicle.
We hope you found these tips helpful, and if you still need some guidance our Rack Experts are happy to help! Reach us by phone or shoot us an email and well get back to you quickly with all the information you need.

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