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Advice to Give You Confidence Driving Down the Road

Towing a sports trailer isn't too difficult of an endeavor, but if you are new to it, it can definitely look challenging. We have compiled a list of tips to help you prepare and feel confident before you hit the road to your next destination.
- A 2" ball works the best for sports trailers. This will be the best fit with the coupling. It will avoid any play when traveling and provide the best turning capability.
- Make sure the height of your ball mount to the ground matches the suggested height of the trailer you have. This helps with keeping the trailer level, and prevents less wear and tear.
- Check your tire pressure, and lights. Make sure to inflate the tires the proper psi written on the side of the tire. Also be sure your lights and blinkers are functioning accordingly.
- Balance your equipment evenly. Distributing the weight of your equipment evenly on the crossbars of the trailer will help stabilization when traveling down the road. Be sure to balance any longer items properly as well.
- Practice Practice Practice. Take some time in an empty lot and drive around learning your turn radius. Learn how to back up properly as well so as to not jack knife your trailer. You could even set up some cones to help with maneuvering.
- And once you are ready to get moving, keep your head on a swivel and stay alert! Things could be going smooth, but a quick burst of wind or a tractor trailer can create some turbulence in a flash. Always be sure to stay within the speed limits of the trailer as well. It's better to get there safe than not at all.

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