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All about transporting a SUP, Kayak, or Canoe paddle!

While it’s certainly possible to transport your SUP paddles in your car, sometimes these paddles may not be the cleanest or may be all wet after a day on the water. Don’t fret, there are other solutions for those who have a crossbar system on their vehicle. 
Both Yakima and Thule, the two leaders in the rack industry have pretty trick solutions to carry your paddles on the roof of your vehicle with your SUP. These systems attach to almost any crossbar style out there (Round, Square, Aero, etc). They clamp or strap around the paddle for a snug and secure fit.
Yakima’s solution is called the TopGrip, part  #8004086. It is only able to transport one paddle per carrier, but does so in a sleek and secure way with a rubber coated clamp. Thule has a carrier as well as we mentioned previously. Their solution is a bit more expensive than Yakima, however it is able to transport two paddles at one time and even has the ability to lock to your vehicles crossbars with an accessory lock sold separately. Either way, there is a well thought out solution to carry those paddles regardless of your budget or capacity needs.

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