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Yakima Hanging Style Hitch Racks

Yakima Hanging Style Hitch Racks

Get Yakima's hanging style hitch racks for traditional bike frames. 2-5 carrying capacities. Shop Rack Warehouse for best selection & prices.

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Yakima is a preeminent figure in the realm of Hanging Style Hitch Bike Racks, boasting more than four decades of unrivaled expertise in the industry. Their expert craftsmanship and innovative designs not only provide functionality and ease of use but also exude a captivating aesthetic appeal. At Rack Warehouse, we offer an extensive selection of Yakima's Hanging Style Hitch Racks, accommodating 2 to 5 bike capacities. Most of Yakima's Hanging Hitch Racks are equipped to fit standard hitch sizes of 1.25" and 2" right out of the box. These racks are ingeniously designed with a multitude of features, such as tilting down or swing-away mechanisms for convenient rear hatch access, bike arms that smoothly fold down when not in use, effortless tool-free installation, bike cradles with anti-sway mechanisms to help stabilize bikes, and integrated locking cables to ensure optimal security. With Yakima's diverse collection, you are certain to find an option that accommodates your bikes and vehicle requirements.

If you're in search of a bike rack that offers good value for money, Yakima's RidgeBack series provides an excellent selection of options to carry 2, 4, or 5 bikes. Among Yakima's models, the FullSwing is a popular choice due to its hassle-free installation process and the convenient swing-away feature that allows for easy access to the rear of your vehicle. RV enthusiasts can rely on Yakima's LongHaul 4 bike carrier as a top-rated option that is specifically designed for RV use. For those who prefer a vertical-style carrying method, Yakima's HangTight series bike racks are known for their sturdy and robust construction, allowing for the effortless transportation of 4 to 6 bikes.

We understand that selecting the perfect hitch bike rack can be overwhelming, considering the numerous options available at varying price points. However, our team of Rack Specialists is always on standby to provide you with their expert advice. Even if you cannot find the product that caters to your specific requirements from Yakima's product line, our experts are readily available to help you locate the perfect solution customized to your unique needs. With the guidance of Rack Warehouse, you can travel with confidence and style, knowing that you have the most suitable rack system for your needs.

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