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Malone Canoe Racks

Malone Canoe Racks

Malone canoe racks provide stability, protection and ease for transporting your canoe. Get the perfect solution from Malone at Rack Warehouse.

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Elevate your water sport adventure with the Nation's #1 Auto Rack Specialty Store, offering top-rated kayak, canoe, and SUP rack systems, supported by three decades of expertise from our Rack Specialists!

Indulging in the magnificence of the great outdoors while canoeing is an experience like no other, and we understand that the reliability and security of your canoe rack plays an indispensable role in enhancing your adventure. For most canoers transporting their vessel on the roof of their vehicle, the basic gunwale brackets are the go-to solution as they are uncomplicated, effective and ensure optimal stability for your canoe. However, if you are a passionate outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for multiple activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, you may seek a more versatile rack capable of accommodating various equipment. With Malone's multi-functional rack, you can use the same rack for different outdoor activities based on your preference for the day, giving you greater flexibility and convenience. For truck owners, we also offer alternative solutions like the T-Bar Bed Extender Combo, which is a popular option with a myriad of use cases. This system can securely support your canoe and ensure safe transportation to your desired location, providing you with peace of mind throughout your journey. With Malone's reliable and versatile canoe racks, and a little something for everyone you can rest assure that your journey to the water's edge will be free of any hassles, allowing you to savor the serene beauty of nature with ease.

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