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Our Favorite Sport Rack and Tonneau Cover Combos

If you're looking for a way to maximize the storage space in your truck bed, a truck rack and tonneau cover combination is the perfect solution. A truck rack can give you extra space for storing cargo, while a tonneau cover can protect your gear from the elements.
There are a lot of different truck rack and tonneau cover combinations on the market, so it can be tough to decide which system will work for you. In fact, it can be rather difficult and time consuming to find the right ladder rack and tonneau cover combination as there are many factors in compatibility. This article breaks down two of our favorite combinations that work together seamlessly.
In this blog post, we'll take a look at two of the best combinations on the market:
RetraxOne XR and RetraxPro XR with the Yakima Overhaul System
The RetraxOne XR and RetraxPro XR are two of the most popular hard retractable tonneau covers on the market. They're both made from durable materials and offer a variety of features, including security, weatherproofing, and easy operation. The RetraxOne XR is made of polycarbonate while the RetraxPro XR is made of powder coated aluminum. 
The Yakima Overhaul System can be used in combination with the Retrax XR series tonneau with the Yakima Tonneau Kit 1. The Yakima Tonneau Kit 1 adapts the Yakima Overhaul and OutPost upright sport rack systems to work seamlessly on the integrated tracks of the Retrax XR series tonneau covers. 
When you combine a Retrax XR tonneau cover with the Yakima Overhaul System, you get a powerful, off-road capable, sporty solution that can handle anything you throw at it for work or play. It is the perfect pairing. 
Yakima Overhaul System and Retrax XR series bed cover combination on a GMC
TruXedo Lo Pro with the Elevate System
The TruXedo Lo Pro is a soft folding tonneau cover that's perfect for truck owners who want a weatherproof and affordable way to protect their gear. The Truxedo Lo Pro soft tonneau cover is made of durable materials and features a low-profile design that won't interfere with the aerodynamics of your truck bed. It can be rolled up and down within minutes for quick access to the full bed of your truck. It’s incredibly lightweight and is a simple installation taking only about 30 minutes to set-up. 
The Elevate System is a truck rack that's designed to work directly with tonneau covers that have rails (e.g., Retrax XR), but with the addition of the Elevate TS rails, it can adapt to work with one of our favorite soft bed covers, the TruXedo Lo Pro! The Elevate System is made from high-quality aluminum and it can support up to 400 pounds of weight. Much like the Yakima OverHaul system, the crossbars on the Elevate System can be adjusted to suit your carrying and travel needs. For example, raise the bars over the cab to load a kayak or lower the rack to have it sit behind the cab on long trips to get it out of the wind. 
When you combine the TruXedo Lo Pro with the Elevate System, you get a secure and weatherproof storage solution that's also aerodynamically and economically efficient. This combination is perfect for truck owners who want a versatile, stylish and economical way to transport their gear.
Elevate System and Truxedo Bed Cover combination on a Ford F150
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