Rhino-Rack Roof Top Luggage Baskets, Gear Trays, Cargo Platforms

Rhino-Rack Fit Guide

Rhino-Rack Roof-Top Luggage Baskets, Gear Trays and Cargo Platforms are available in a variety of sizes, designs, materials and price points. XTrays include a built-in wind deflector are available in 2 sizes: Rhino-Rack rmcb01 XTray Small Steel Roof Top Luggage Basket and Rhino-Rack rmcb02 XTray Large Steel Roof Top Luggage Basket. Aluminum Alloy Trays are sleek looking, lightweight and available in 8 different sizes. Aluminum Pioneer Platforms are available in 5 sizes to accommodate just about any off road load. Rhino's Steel Mesh Baskets and Platforms are available in 10 different sizes and shapes and won't break the bank.