Top Selling, 5 Most Popular 2019 Trunk and Hatch Mounted Bike Racks and Bicycle Carriers

The Rack Warehouse has compiled a list of our Top 5, most popular, most convenient to use, most durable, Trunk and Rear Hatch Mounted Bike Racks. These top rated Trunk or Hatch Bicycle Racks vary in design, color, materials and capacity. However, all are durable, relatively simple to install and will last for years. The Thule 9001PRO Raceway Pro uniquely attaches and locks to your vehicle with ratcheting cables. The Yakima 2634 FullBack is lightweight, fully lockable and offers the easy to use Zip Strip cradle straps. If you don't see what you're looking for, please visit our Trunk and Hatch Bike Racks page for our entire product list.