Yakima Roof-Top Luggage Baskets and Cargo Bags

Yakima Fit Guide

Yakima Luggage Baskets and Roof Top Cargo Bags from The Rack Warehouse are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes and are priced to fit any budget. Popular Yakima Baskets and Bags include the Mega Warrior Basket, Load Warrior Basket, LockNLoad Platforms, DryTop 16 Cargo Bag, CargoPack 16 Cargo Bag, and numerous accessories to tie, fasten, lock and cover your loads. All Yakima Cargo Baskets and Bags require a roof rack to anchor your basket or bag to your vehicle. When you spend over $99 on Yakima Products your order ships free. Yakima Cargo Boxes are another great option for carrying bulky gear, skis, snowboards and more.