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fly fishing rod roof rack

Best Fishing Rod Racks for Your Vehicle - 2023

Ready to go fishing, but not sure how to take your rods with you? There are many different options to be able to safely and efficiently transport your fishing rods on the roof or in the truck bed of your vehicle. Whether you are looking for a cargo box, open carrier, truck bed rack, or a simple grip that slides into or around the t-slots on your crossbars, there's an option for everyone! Our experts break them down in this article.
yakima top water fishing pole rack

Yakima TopWater: Enclosed Fishing Rod Carrier

Do you have a super nice rod that you want to keep out of the elements when not in use? The Yakima TopWater might be for you! This enclosed rod box can hold up to 8 rods, 8ft in length. The Yakima TopWater is able to carry fully rigged spinning, bait casting and fly rods in secure, protective, individual foam padded holders with rubber retention straps. The open space below the rods is ideal for carrying tackle boxes and other fishing gear. Small drain holes in the bottom of the box help keep water from pooling in the bottom of the box. Built in rod shields protect rod tips during transportation. The Yakima TopWater fits securely on nearly all factory or aftermarket crossbars or truck racks. The Yakima SmarT-T Slot 5 Mounting Kit can be purchased to attached the TopWater to most T-slot crossbars. The Topwater is a fantastic option on the Yakima EasyRider or Rack and Roll trailers. During the winter months, the rod holders may be removed to transport up to 4 pairs of skis and other long gear.
thule rod vault fishing rack

Thule RodVault & Yakima Doublehaul: Fly Fishing & Rod Racks

The Thule RodVault ST Fishing Rod Carrier and RodVault Fly Rod Carriers are rod carriers that attach to most factory or aftermarket crossbars providing a sleek and trendy look to the roof of your vehicle. The Thule RodVault ST can hold up to 6 fully rigged spinning rods up to 8ft in length. The oversized anodized aluminum tubes holds the rods in place in tandem with a heavy duty glass-reinforced nylon reel case for maximum reel protection. The Thule RodVault Fly Rod Carrier is available in two options: Thule RodVault 4 or Thule RodVault 2. The RodVault 4 can hold up to 4 rods that are 10ft long each, while the RodVault 2 can hold up to 2 rods that are 10ft in length each. With space for a small padlock, all of the Thule RodVault options can be locked to secure your favorite gear.
Yakima DoubleHaul is a fly fishing rod carrier similar in aesthetics to the Thule RodVault series. It can hold up to 4 fully strung rods 10 ft in length or up to 2 spey rods. The DoubleHaul itself can be configured in size to 6ft or 11ft to seamless fit your rods and roof of your vehicle.
yakima reeldeal fishing rod carrier

Yakima ReelDeal & Rhino-Rack Fishing Rod Carriers: Use for Fishing & Skiing!

If you're looking for a cost effective option, the Yakima ReelDeal or Rhino-Rack Fishing Rod carriers are excellent options. These types of carriers can be mounted to any factory or aftermarket set of crossbars with the included universal mounting hardware. They can each hold up to 8 fully rigged rods and 2 snowboards or 4 pairs of skis in the winter!
thule jaw grip

Thule JawGrip & Yakima TopGrip: Multipurpose Holders for Carrying Poles, Oars, Masts

The Thule JawGrip or Yakima TopGrip could be a cost effective viable option for you as well! They are considered multipurpose holders that allow for the transport of various pieces of gear including poles, oars, masts, etc. Both the JawGrip and TopGrip are smaller adapters that come with included hardware to fit into most T-Slot and aftermarket Thule and Yakima crossbar rack systems.
portarod truck bed carrier

Portarod Telescoping Truck Bed Fishing Pole System

If you have a truck, the Portarod InShore or Portarod Offshore telescoping truck bed fishing pole rack system is a great option. The Portarod OffShore fits full-size and super duty models of trucks and can hold up to 5 poles. The Portarod Inshore is considered universal in fit and can be designed to hold anywhere from 3 to 5 poles at a time. The drill-free installation allows both systems to be removed and installed within in minutes as to not sacrifice space in your truck when not in use.

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