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Water sport racks are some of our most popular sellers all year round. We offer a wide variety of kayak racks, canoe racks, fishing pole carriers, and SUP/surfboard racks. Brands like Malone, Thule, RhinoRack, and Yakima have multiple options and styles of carriers to transport all of your water sport gear.

Kayaks of all shapes and sizes can be carried by J-cradle style kayak racks, saddles that hold the kayak by the hull, and heavy-duty fishing kayak racks like the Yakima BigCatch. Load Assist options are available for those who are looking for a little extra help to be able to get on their kayaking journey! 

Canoes can be loaded onto your vehicle with gunwale brackets attached to crossbars to keep it securely in place while driving down the road.

Surf and SUP racks such as the Yakima SupDawg, Thule SUP Taxi attach to crossbars on the roof of your vehicle and can carry up to 2 boards depending on the weight! Don't have crossbars? No problem! The SeaSucker Vacuum Mounted Board Rack can be attached directly to the top of your vehicle. 

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