Yakima Rack and Roll Trailers, Malone Micro-Sports Trailers for Sports Gear

Yakima Rack and Roll Kayak Trailers and Malone MicroSport Trailers are the highest quality sports trailers on the market today. Using a sports trailer means no lifting above your head. Plus, you can see your gear and travel with the confidence that it is secure. Yakima Rack and Roll and Malone Micro-sport Trailers utilize crossbars that allow almost all kayak, canoe, SUP, surfboard, windsurfer and bike carriers to attach. Yakima offers 2 trailer sizes: Rack and Roll 78" Wide Trailer and Rack and Roll 66" Wide Trailer. Malone offers 6 trailer packages - 4 of which include kayak carriers: Malone MPG460G MicroSport Trailer, Malone MPG460XT MicroSport XT Upgraded Trailer, Malone MPG461GS MicroSport Trailer Package with Spare Tire Kit and 2 SeaWing Kayak Carriers, Malone MPG461GU MicroSport Trailer Package with Spare Tire Kit and 2 Saddle Up Pro Kayak Carriers, Malone MPG461G2 MicroSport Trailer with Spare Tire, J-Pro 2 Kayak Carriers, Malone MPG462G2 MicroSport 78" Trailer Package with Spare Tire Kit and 4 J-Pro II Kayak Carriers. Sports Gear Trailers are practical alternatives to car roof racks.

Malone MicroSport Kayak, Canoe, Bicycle, SUP Trailers and Accessories
Malone MicroSport Trailers are designed to conveniently carry just about any type of water sports gear to and from your outdoor destination. Malone MicroSport Trailers are commonly used to carry kayaks, SUPS, windsurfers, surfboards, canoes, bicycles, etc. Malone MicroSport Trailers are easier to load and unload than a conventional roof rack. The MicroSport Trailers are compatible with 2" receiver hitches only. Carrying capacities vary by model. All Malone MicroSport Trailers are in stock and on sale at The Rack Warehouse.
Yakima Rack and Roll Sport Trailers, EasyRider Sport Trailers and Trailer Accessories
The Yakima Rack and Roll Sports Trailer and the EasyRider Sports Trailers are the best trailers in their class for hauling long and cumbersome sports gear - without the overhead lifting. Rack N Roll's aluminum frame is rust proof, sturdy, elegant and built for the long haul. The Yakima Rack and Roll Sports Trailer is available in two frame and crossbar sizes: the Yakima Rack and Roll 66" Sports Trailer and the Yakima Rack and Roll 78" Sports Trailer. Rack and Roll Trailer Accessories include: Yakima Rack and Roll 5-Spoke Spare Tire, Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer Kickstand, Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer Tongue Extension Kit and the Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer Safety Pole Kit. Since the Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer is always visible in your rear view mirror, you'll have the piece-of-mind that your gear is secure and safe while driving. We stock Curt Bolt-on Trailer Hitches for just about every vehicle.
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