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If you need a way to transport your bike, Rack Warehouse has a solution for you. We offer roof, hitch, trunk/hatch, spare tire, and truck bed options.

Roof mounted bike carriers are available in two basic configurations; Fork Mount in which the front wheel is removed, and bike is held in place by front fork/thru axle and the Upright Mount in which both wheels remain on, and bike is held in place by its frame or wheels.

Bikes being carried by Hitch Mounted Bike Racks, either hang by the top tube or sit on a tray platform style rack. Platform style bike racks provide more flexibility when it comes to transporting bikes, where a support arm will either grab the front wheel, front and rear wheel, or by clamping to the frame. 

Trunk and Hatch Mounted Bike Racks attach to the back of the vehicle using rubber coated metal hooks and nylon or steel cable straps. Most trunk bike racks transport the bikes by hanging the bike from the top tube, but some brands do offer a platform style trunk bike rack, which uses a tray to transport the bikes.

Spare Tire Bike Racks typically use an attachment plate that matches the pre-existing lug nut pattern behind the rear spare tire and carries the bike hanging from the top tube. Truck bed bike racks have multiple configurations available utilizing either the tailgate, truck bed floor, truck bed rails, or sidewalls of the truck bed.  

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