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Yakima RoadShower Portable Shower$448.95
Yakima RoadShower Portable Shower
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Yakima RoadShower Portable Shower 4
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Yakima RoadShower Portable Shower SM (4 Gallon)

Yakima RoadShower Portable Shower

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The RoadShower is a pressurized water container to help clean off all your dirty gear and yourself. Even if you're in the middle of nowhere you can at least still have water.

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  • Aluminum construction and durable powder coat finish
  • Stainless steel universal mounting hardware fits all Yakima crossbars and most other roof racks
  • Included Nozzle and Hose
  • Integrated lock loops for locking RoadShower to your rack
  • Includes two outlet water ports for convenient water access
  • Includes a stick-on thermometer strip
  • Pressurize the tank through the Schrader air valve or a garden hose
  • Built-in pressure relief valve
  • Large top-cap allows for easy filling


The Yakima RoadShower offers a convenient, easy to use portable cleaning station for all those outdoor enthusiasts, weekend adventurers and their pets. The Yakima RoadShower mounts with stainless steel universal hardware that fits all Yakima crossbars and most other roof racks. The RoadShower features a strong, welded aluminum constructed container with a durable powder coat outer finish. The RoadShower comes with a hose and a spray nozzle that works great for cleaning sandy feet, dirty paws, muddy bikes, or any other gear that might need a rinse. The RoadShower is equipped with two outlet water ports, one on each end, for convenient water access. The Yakima RoadShower can be pressurized through the Schrader air valve with a hand or electric pump. A built-in pressure relief valve safely and automatically tops out and releases pressure at 65 PSI to prevent over pressurization. RoadShower's garden hose adapter utilizes the pressure of your home water spout to fill and pressurize the container. A stick-on thermometer strip is included for the outside of the tank for monitoring the water temperature as the sun heats up the tank. When you're ready to rinse off, simply check the thermometer and enjoy a hot sun powered shower. The Yakima RoadShower has built-in integrated lock loops for locking the container to your roof rack.

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Product Specifications

Crossbar CompatibilityAero Bars, Factory Bars, Square Bars, Round Bars
Size4gal, 7gal, 10gal


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Frequently asked questions

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How much does the RoadShower weight when filled with water?
Please see below the weight of each size RoadShower when filled to capacity. 4 Gallon: 53 lbs 7 Gallon: 84 lbs 10 Gallon: 120 lbs
How much pressure can be put into the RoadShower?
The RoadShower will automatically top out at a max of 55 PSI.
Do the different size RoadShowers have the same length hose?
Good question. The Large size RoadShower has a different size hose to better suit the length of the tank, the Small and Medium sizes share the same hose. Please see below the different size hose lengths and the size the correspond too. 4 Gallon: 55" 7 gallon: 55" 10 Gallon: 81"

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